EdilAcilia firmly believes that online sales can make it more convenient, economic and practical shopping experience for its customers, for this reason, always encourage to give feedback and reviews after each transaction.

Some of their professional skills and to ensure the authenticity of the comments is visible to everyone, EdiliAcilia, entrusts the management of the same to an external company, the Feedaty.

Recensioni Certificate Feedaty  Certificato Gold Feedaty   logo_feedaty.png

Feedaty offers a Seal of “Reviews Certificate”, which guarantees to consumers that the reviews coming from the site EdilAcilia, regarding the products and services come only from customers real and have been collected with impartiality.

Feedaty does not collect the free comments of the sailors, but through a mailing system requires an opinion directly to those who buy a particular product in such a way as to make sure that the reviews come exclusively from those who have actually tested the product or service in discussion.