EdilAcilia was founded in 1997 to expand the activities of the colorificio EdilParatiAcilia that already for ten years served the clientele of Rome and the suburbs, offering a wide range of paints and wallpapers.

In 2012 EdilAcilia decides to propose his articles on the market Online, opening a store within the marketplace eBAY.

In 2014 , pursuing the goal of emerging itmarket of Online sales, EdilAcilia implementing a new plan of investment, that will take as a goal the inclusion of their activities in the program dedicated to the TOP vendors on eBAY.

As A result of continued growth, EdilAcilia open a your site ecommerce, taking a leading position for the exclusive items they believe to be the best price / quality ratio.

Today the entire store is dedicated to the field online, with the exception of Playing the Keys and keeping the tour to be able to buy and collect all the products visible on the website ecommerce.


EdilAcilia Gruppo 3Enne

In 2018 , the group 3Enne, becomes the point of reference of the commercial reality, bringing with it a series of technological innovations, which now became necessary for the proper continuation of the activities online.


The many years of experience in the field of the sale to the bank, accompanied by the acquisition of technological know-how, which is indispensable for providing a great service, not to generate additional stimuli for the new challenges that await the market for sale online. Despite the changes that have occurred in the last few years, the mentality that we believe winning is the same as that used every day to satisfy our clients, but under a garment that reflects the trend of the millennium.

EdilAcilia is and will always be theOnline Store of diy, because our customers will have everything you need for your own home, by selecting it and receiving it directly at home.